Whey! :D


Well its official my new baby is comming in 2-7 days :S I ordered it about 12.00pm on sunday night and now my order says it was shipped @ 6.15pm... sounds all good.

I probably will be on here very soon asking you loads of questions and you will get really annoyed to watch out! But my new mini mac 1.2ghz 512mb 40GB is on the way with my wired (yes i no it sucks) keyboard and mouse....

All sounds good, do I get champagne for joinin the MAC club? ::ha:: ::ha::



btw: I started downloading (legally) adobe photoshop CS for OS X (i think) its in .sit format it this the right format or is it just me :S


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Hi Arkanoid :)
Congrats on the new Mac .. ;) and the wired keyboard and mouse don't suck so don't worry.
I did not know Adobe had PSH CS as a donwloadable demo .. if it for OS X anyway, it should be the version you want.


so how many pounds will the new baby be ? and is it a boy or a girl :) lol
and do you think delivering babys in the post is acceptable pmsfl