Which chocolate is your favorite?


I like Hersheys-Kisses, Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Cadbury Dairymilk Caramel and Dairymilk Silk. I have too many choices. :DDDD
So friends what chocolate do you mostly like to eat?
Green & Black's got me started with good chocolates a bit over a decade ago.
I still like an occasional G&B bite, but my recent favorite is Fine & Raw cacao & coconut chunky, made in Brooklyn. One of the very few American-made chocolates I really like.
A second favorite would be generally any 83% or darker. Occasionally I even go for a lower content if there's a good reason - like delicious pieces added of something that matches. Ginger, orange, cranberries, random nuts etc.
Ya... I miss those Reese's cups too Satcomer.
Okay, in Europe there is great stuff in the chocolate department... in fact the best... but those hershey bars and Reese's cups just won't let go of my taste buds. Could go for a twinky too come to think of it. A Babe Ruth as a kicker. Why not? Oh, well... when next back in the States I'll load up all. May have an OD and have to call 911.
Reed, do you have Aldi stores where you live? Unbelievably I found Reese's in Aldis in Ireland... (yes, after 5 years of missing them there, and of course like two months before getting out of Ireland back to the Reese's land)
Giaguara... sorry for late reply. No, don't have them here in Paris. But I'm sure there is an American place here that has Yankee junk food. But then again... It's always nice to get back to New York knowing I'll be able to stock up. The Holy Grail?