Which External HD Will Boot Tiger?


I would like to buy an external harddrive for my G4 iBook that will boot with Tiger installed on the external HD. Is that possible? If so, any suggestions which HD to buy? I'd like at least 160GB on the external HD. My internal 60GB HD is nearly full in just one year of use.
Yes, it's possible, as long as your Macintosh supports it (your G4 iBook does support it).

I can recommend the LaCie d2 line of hard drives. Stay away from their Porsche line of hard drives.
Just be careful about reading up on the product before you buy it. Although rare, sometimes external hard drives will not support booting, even if your Mac does. I made the this mistake the hard way. :-[

Also, try to get a name-brand product with this sort of thing. As ElDiablo said, LaCie makes a very good external drive.