which format do i use?


Hi Everyone

Does anyone have a clue what format is needed to made a dvd of pictures?

I have burned some holiday pics onto a disc and given to my friend.

He wants to make a dvd of the pics. You know the sort to thing, music and pics fading in out, pages turning etc..

But i gave him the disc and he said that the format (jpeg) is not any good and cant use them. He uses a pc. I burned the photos using iphoto.

I thought Jpeg would be the correct format. Would it better to email the pics to him using mail and checking the pc friendly format?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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JPEG should be just fine as a source format for any DVD-creation application that can do such slideshows, be it on PC or Mac...


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I agree -- he should be able to use JPEGs.

However, if your friend wants a specific format, it would be best that he told you what it is so you could stop guessing and wasting DVDs! ;)


If your PC using friend specifically said the JPEG format was no good then she/he does not know what he/she is doing. However, if your friend just said the format is bad, they could be referring to the format of the CD itself and not the format of the images.

What tool did you use to make the CD?
  1. If you used Disk Utility then your friend will not be able to read the CD.
  2. If you used Finder or iPhoto then a PC user should have no problem reading the CD.
  3. If you used Toast you would have to choose a CD format of ISO 9660 or hybrid HFS+/ISO 9660 so the CD can be read on both Macs and PCs.