Why does mail in Tiger suck?


I for the life of me, cannot get my gmail account and webmail account to work in mail! I never had this problem with Jaguar, or even in panther. I thought I had it working earlier, but when I tried to go back into it the webmail account just starts to spin. Eventually mail stops responding. Earlier I set up each account individually and let them update. I thought that might have been the problem, getting stuck on all the mail I had to download. It worked for about twenty minutes, then I quit the application and tried to go back in, only to find I was back to sqaure one. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
Hm. I can only state that I _am_ using a Gmail account as well as another, normal, POP3 account without any such problems in Tiger for quite a while now...
Strange -- are you absolutely sure that all the server addresses and options are set correctly for each account? What are you using for Gmail? I use Gmail POP access and have no trouble -- perhaps we can compare settings.
yea i am using pop.gmail.com for incoming... smtp.gmail.com for outgoing. I just don't understand why it gets stuck after working?