Wi-fi Problem


A couple of months ago a family friend gave me her A1278 MacBook Unibody under the condition that I wipe the hard drive. I did so, and proceeded to install Yosemite 10.10.4. Everything works great, except that I do not have wireless. There is no Wi-Fi icon up top, "AirPort" or "Wi-Fi" is not listed in Network (and I am not able to add either)... I've tried using "sudo ifconfig en0 up" and am told that AirPort services cannot be turned on because they're disabled...however when I select About this Mac, the system reports that there is indeed some Wi-Fi component installed.

I have tried using Kext Utility, resetting NVRAM... but nothing. Does the Airport card need to be replaced?


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Did you open up System Preferences->Network pane, Airport mini-tab?

Plus you are using the wrong command for OS X. Do a man on networksetup instead on OS X and see all the commands you could use.