Wierd Characters Appearing In 10.4.2... Bug?


using 10.4.2.

Some programs, including Mail, Safari, and iChat occasionally display body text in wierd characters instead of English.

I have tried changing settings for text encoding and languages but it changes nothing, the characters are still illegible.

Is there a bug fix for this?
Did you install Microsoft Office X or Microsoft Office 2004? I remember that I had that problem too for a while back then, but right now I can't recall exactly what the solution was. I can check back with a colleague who does remember (he fixed it for someone else a copule of weeks ago, but I don't remember what he did) if you write back and tell me wether you installed Office or not...
There is an Apple Knowledge Base article that I am too lazy to look up at the moment that says when this happens you should remove the Helvetica Fractions font. I don't know why it is that Helvetica Fractions causes all the problems, but it does.