WIERD visual glitches

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
these glitches in the UI started yesterday. i was playing with zoom under the universal access, then for some reason the buttons wouldn't work on the mouse. i logged out with mouse keys on, and logged back in when the mouse started workiing again. i don't know if this is linked, but then the glitches started in the dock, and then with all the rest of the UI. it's almost unusable. menu's, when clicked, do not appear, the items in it only appear after you mouse over them.... it's so strange. i have quartz 2d extreme turned on by default, so i played with all the quartz debug settings for about 2 hours, i've repaired permissions, and rebooted.

the reboot fixed it.... but is wierd, and i've never heard of anything like this happening. 10.4.1 and a radeon 9600XT on a dual g5 tower, 20" ACD


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This looks like some sort of video cache being corrupted. I wish I knew how to suggest a fix.
Do you still have QE 2d enabled? It's probably buggy as all get out. That's why 10.4 ships with it disabled.