Will Clean Install Work On 0s 10.1 Update Cds?


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I need a final answer [im not ripping off the television show im am more orriginal than that]. Will clean install work on the Mac OS 10.1 update cds?
That "clean install" option is reformatting the drive or partition and then put all files onto it.

That's what I call "super" clean install ;)
YES... Well maybe..

You can do a clean install (Chose to reformat drive) ONLY on a drive that curently has 10.0X installed on it.

If you run Disk Utility and reformate your drive befor installing you will screw yourself. The installer will not see a valid OSX on any drive any you wont be able to install.

So you cant change any of your partition settings. Just the ability to install over 10.04 or to reformat a drive with 10.04 and clean install on to it
I did a clean install on Saturday to my G4 (Quicksilver).

I started with 9.2 and 10.0.4 on the same disk, as it came from the factory.

Here is what I did:

- Backed up user data files.
- Booted off of the 9.2 cd.
- Ran Disk Utility to erase, reformat, and
partition my disk into 2 partitions.
- Installed 9.2 on first partition.
- Upgraded first partition to 9.2.1.
- Reloaded Classic software, printer, etc.
- Ran Software Update.
- Tested everything in 9.2.1.
- Installed 10.0.4 on second partition.
- Booted off of 10.1 Upgrade cd.
- Checked "erase and reformat" (2nd partition) in
- Installed 10.1.
- Reloaded OS X software, printer, etc.
- Ran Software Update.
- Restored user data files.
- Tested everything in OS X and Classic mode.

So yes, the Upgrade cd does have full images, but it will only install over the top of 10.0.4., so you have to "reformat" the disk from the 10.1 installed, not before.

Hope this helps.

I confirm this. Just did it today.

Had 10.0.4 on its own partition - nothing except apple software on it.
Reformatted and installed from the 10.1 upgrade cd. Voila! Lovin' it!
Well, I'm just reiterating what others have said, but I'll interject my own experience just for kicks...

I originally had 10.0.4 and 9.2.1 on separate partitions. I got the 10.1 update-only CD from the Apple store here in Plano (they've got TONS of copies!) and went immediately home and "updated" my copy of 10.0.4. Smooth as can be. Well, I started reading some of these forums about speed not being all it can be with upgrading vs. clean installing, so I decided to test the "Reformat and install" option on my 10.0.4 partition -- I did it, and it worked! However, one small anomaly I saw was that the installer never reformatted the drive, unless it was lightning quick or something...

Booted into my freshly-installed 10.1 and it worked fine... don't know if it really had any impact on speed vs. installing OVER a 10.0.4 installation, but I'm happy. One thing I DID notice, however, is, after re-loading all the software I previously had installed on 10.0.4, I had about a gigabyte of extra space on the drive vs. what I had when I installed 10.1 over 10.0.4! Bonus! Hehe...

Good luck with everything, and remember: 10.1 rocks the casbah!