will this work on my mac?


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I live in the USA so I am not sure if you can buy at this site. However you will soon will be able to figure out compatibility.

However, the link you posted is a Mac edition card. Just be sure the card you buy says Mac edition.


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The card you linked to, if you read the full description, it says it's

Key Features Interface AGP 8x
Compatibility Mac


I read the details and I know that its AGP 8x. What I couldnt find out is what my G4 is...

I went into system profiler and there is no mention of the AGP version there... I had to goto apples site and download the pdf that says it AGP 4x...

So I guess I will only be able to use the 128mb radeon 9000 in my mac then...

on a side note, I went into the apple store - in regent street London, and they dont sell spererate graphics cards... oohhh... not very handy...