Windows 98 on Intel Mac?


Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and not sure how to search for old topics, so I'll just ask. I know it's now possible to install and boot Windows XP on Intel Macs natively, however, is it possible to do the same thing for older versions of Windows like Windows 98? Thanks, and sorry if this has been discussed already.


Most likely not, since:

Windows 98 is actually MS-DOS with a windowing system (32 bit, but still)
and MS-DOS uses quite a lot BIOS. As you know, Intel MACs do not have BIOS (but EFI).


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The BIOS is irrelevant -- the new firmware update for the Intel-based Macs included a pseudo-BIOS emulation, which is what allows Windows XP to be installed. Windows XP is just as reliant on BIOS as Windows 98 is.

The only supported operating system is Windows XP SP2, and some people have gotten Linux to install as well (but it's unsupported). No other operating system will install via BootCamp unless you do heavy modifications to the install procedure. With BootCamp, out-of-the-box, you're relegated to Windows XP with Service Pack 2.


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Just curious, Diesel32 - why would you want to run Windows98 on an Intel Mac? It's not the first use that springs to mind.

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because, like me i'm guessing, i don't have an XP sp2 disk lying around. whereas i do have a Win 98 SE disk....


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I was going to pose the same question until I realized that maybe Diesel32 wanted to run some apps that wouldn't run under and NT-based operating system like NT 4, 2000, or XP. Some older apps strictly need to run in the old DOS/Win9x environment.


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... to install and get up running, I presume?