Windows Maximized


Hi, I want to have the windows of any app.
to be maximaxed to a full monitor resolution. ( to cover all the working area of the monitor)

everi time that I pen finder I have to drag the conner to maximized.
I want to finder and apps to be maximized at openining.

does any body know how to do this

I am a new mac user.
This is application-dependent. One application may set the green maximize button to make the window fit the size of the foremost document, while another application may set the maximize button to stretch the window to fill the screen, while yet another may set the button to return the window to a default size. The definition of "maximize" depends on what application the window belongs to.

As far as I know, there isn't a way around this. I have seen AppleScripts that let you control the size and placement of Finder windows, but none that were system-wide and could control all applicaitons (as, of course, not all applications are AppleScript-able).

Hey, if you REALLY want windows that take over the entire screen, I can suggest Microsoft Windows -- it's "application-centric," where the focus is on one application... but on the Mac, it's "document-centric," where you can see many documents, even from different applications. My best suggestion would be to try and work the way the Mac works instead of trying to make it work differently... use the "Hide" feature and "Minimize" features as well as Exposé to control your open windows and applications. Trying to find a way to make windows completely take over your screen will only lead to frustration, as it's counter-intuitive and probably just not possible.

Here are some sample AppleScripts dealing with the placement and arrangement of Finder windows and icons -- perhaps you could modify one to fit your needs (these are for the Finder and Finder only, no other application):
tx, nice filosofy talk,
but I am comming from linux- not from windows I left windows from 98 came out.
where can I find that script for maximized windows.

I love unix * so i move to mac because of comercial software support, that is the only thing that made me move :D to Mac.
Sometimes holding down the Option key while clicking on the Maximize button in OS X will make the window take up the entire screen, but as was mentioned before it depends on the application. Firefox, Camino, and some other applications (which unfortunately don't come to mind :rolleyes:) can do this, but apps like Safari and others don't.