Windows Media Player 9


I am using WMP9 and everytime I want to change the position of the video (the time, ie fastforward/rewind), it will do so, but the video will delay a good 5-10seconds. For instance, if I fastforward a video clip (doesn't matter what file size it is/how long the video is), the video will hold/freeze to where it currently is while the audio will play for 5-10seconds, and then finally it will catch up.

I have a Dual g5 2ghz, 2.5gb ram with OS 10.4.2


U.S.D.A. Prime
Same here. I think it's just one of the pitfalls of trying to view Microsoft-branded video on Apple hardware.

Also, why is this in "Mac Classic System & Sfotware" if you're using Mac OS X?


Marvelous Da Vinci
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Most wmv movies can be played with VLC. But some codec are available only on WMP. Some even require the Windows version of WMP (those with DRM I think).