Windows Media Player For Mac Os X


I have a problem with WMV files to play on my IbookG4
I have downloaded countless window's media player applications from different websites, but it still does not work, either I download it under Bin, or Stix...something Like that I'm not sure...Although all the other programs are working fine with me, like real player and lime wear...Is this a problem with the website itself?
.SIT files can be uncompressed with StuffIt Expander, available from for free.

.BIN files can be uncompressed with StuffIt Expander as well.

Both of these kinds of files are compressed files, meaning you need to uncompress them to access the program or program installer.

Be aware that you will probably have more trouble playing WMV files on your Mac than you would playing them on a PC. Windows Media files sometimes use codecs that are unavailable on the Macintosh, making WMV files problematic -- sometimes you'll get video and no sound, sometimes vice-versa, and some of the time they just plain won't play.

VLC Media Player and Windows Media Player 9 both seem to handle WMV files about the same... it's just hit-and-miss for that format.
.bin files are not always compressed archives. There are at least three different file types that use the .bin suffix (arg!). StuffIt can only handle one of them (again I say "arg!"). Some of them are kind of like disk images. You'll often see VCDs distributed in this form. VLC can open and play these bins normally. You might (I'm not sure) also be able to mount them with Toast and extract the MPEG data from that to play in QuickTime.