windows media player


im on the bbc iplayer site and i want to download a program to put on my usb and it says

Software upgrade required

To download BBC iPlayer programmes please upgrade your version of Windows Media Player. Download the latest version from Microsoft.

i got flip4mac and says my software on that is up to date.. what can i do?
If you have Lion, or newer OS X version, then you probably haven't updated your Adobe Flash Player software.
Apple automatically disabled older versions of Flash Player, so open your System Preferences, click on the Flash Player pane, then go to Advanced, and click on the Update Now button, under Updates. Follow the instructions to install the update.

What version of Flip4Mac do you have?
Flip4Mac is now called Flip Player, so maybe you have not upgraded to that new free player? Check here:
Probably, if your television is one that supports internet - a so-called Smart TV.
I don't think you could use the iPlayer app itself, but you should be able to view video files that you have downloaded, assuming they are in a format that your TV recognizes. You would want to check the documentation on your Smart TV to find out what you might need for that format.