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Hello everyone,

Recently I have upgraded from windows to mac, making a switch from outlook 2010 to apple mail.
All I need to do is transfer my emails from windows to mac, which I am not able to do or didn't find any solution.
There are 6000 important emails need to br migrated from outlook to apple mail.

So how can I transfer all the emails from outlook windows to mac apple mail, keeping all the attachments in the emails secure and email content safe?

Thank you for your help.
Several members of this forum have started threads on this exact issue within the last few days. You may read one such thread here.
This is a common problem and there are many solutions present for it.


Follow the steps and you will be able to import your mails easily outlook 2011
2. create a local folder
3. drag all your local emails to the folder we have created
4. then drag the local folder we have created to the lion's desktop (once it will finish, we'll have a .mbox file)
5. open mail
6. In Mail, choose File > Import Mailboxes -> choose .mbox file


You can use Exchange or IMAP accounts to have all the files on the
server, and then in Mail, but you would need significant storage space
there if you have a lot of e-mails.


You can use software approach to solve your problem.There are various softwares available online for this problem. One I know is Olm converter pro.
Please note that the OP was asking about transferring from Outlook 2010, which would be on Windows.
No OLM format on Outlook for Windows.

The OP should search for "Migrate Outlook 2010 PST files to Apple Mail" or something similar to that.

Another software solution is Emailchemy
This might be late for saying thanks but this tool, Pst converter pro, totally solved my problem.
Just a few steps and mails got imported easily.
Thank you
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