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Making it simple: just because I'm a Mac user doesn't mean I hate other OSes, it just means I like Macs better :D
Just for the record, all the passport & hailstorm services in xp can be disabled. It's quite easy to do with Norton Internet Security.

XP is by far the best os Microsoft has produced. Anyone who has participated in the beta testing will tell you so (I have). Applications load quicker, it's as easy as osx to configure, and it's rock solid.

This is one pointless thread. :)
"The best operating system Microsoft ever produced."

I think it's equal to System 7.6 now... But I can tell you it has a long way to go to be as Rock Solid as Mac OS X 10.1 is...
It's a pitty for the Windows users... :p

Hey! How could this thread get to warp 4??????? It was just a small stupid question!!!!!

DOES XP SUCK OR SUX (doesnt work here, i know!)


Now back to work!
We're talking with some XP users who think XP *rocks*...
We have to convince them there wrong, but as always that's gonna take a while :p :D


Why do we hve to convince them their wonrg? Why can't we just leave them alone? If we have the best product, which I believe we do, then they'll be more receptive to agree with us, if we're nice them.
Hey, they (he) started flaming!
And I think we (the OS X users) have to get as much people to OS X as possible... :D:D:D

Ok, let me try explaining this as easy as possible!

Windows XP,5x,2000,NT ------------> SHIT!

OS 8,8.5,9 -------------------> Ok

OS X ------------------> awesome!!!!!!!!!! COOOOL!!!! Wheeee!

I think you windows users dont even know what whee means! But this should be easy to understand even for windows users! LOL:D :D :D
sorry! Its 9x! But that doesnt matter! 1x,2x,3x.....5x,....9x,Me,XP,NT is shity!:D everithing with a Microfuck symbol on it!
Did you ever look at the chess thread?:D Take a look at it (the first 3 posts) And now stop talking to those ...................Windows Users! Sorry for this bad, bad word!:rolleyes:
Originally posted by eleveneleven
xp = rocks:cool:

rocks in the head, that is.....

yet another blatant ripoff of Apple's Windoze is a digital hub!

no originality at all....

hey, that's OK........this is of freedom of choice.......