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Ich kann das verstehen!
Ich muss Deutsche wordchen (o mit ein umlaut) lernen und ich finde die wordchen (o mit...) gans blod (...) :D

Maar ik kan natuurlijk ook Nederlands praten,
and I can talk English :p

Very nice :D

für mich ist Windows XP der größte Scheiß den Microsoft jemals erfunden hat. das heißt.......besser gesagt......"Zusammen geklaut" Alle anderen Systeme von Microsoft waren dazu da etwas zu verbessern. das heißt stabilität, Aussehen, Schnelligkeit und das hatten 9x,ME,NT auch nötig. Aber was zur Hölle ist das? So ein SCHEIß! Alles alter Kram! NT4 Kernel, Programme dies schon vorher von Apple gab..... alles schon mal dagewesen!

Liebe Windows User! Seht es endlich ein!

Windows sux, Windows sucks, Windows ist Mist, windows ist scheiße, Windows ist Kacke, Windows et ???,

Admiral help me! You know so many words in so many different languages that explain how we think (most of us i hope) about Windows! (Translate the above in all Languages you know! Use a dict.!:) )

F*** Windows XP,ME,9x,NT and all the following.....................

My Opinion!:) :mad: :p
Ha ha ha :p
I am not sure I can translate this here :p
(perhaps in the "cus" thread ? :p)

--Again I laughed really hard when I read this :p
Were not talking about languages were talking about ...................ähhhhhhhh..............shit!Yeah shit! Windows. Shit!
All I'm going to say, is that:

When people ask me "do you like Macs or PCs" i answer: "I like Macs better, but I can use either without complaining".
I'm not a MS Fanatic, however, I do think that they have some pretty good products.
For what it was made for (x86 chips), i think its the best OS out there (well, i REALLY like 2000's stability and ME's multimedia, and if its combined like they say...

I dont know whats with this attitude people are having about MS and Apple. I just think that people shouldn't:
A) Base their opinions on older, out of date technology (eg, my friend says, "i hate macs" because he says he couldnt use one when he was 5 when it was like OS 6.0") and dont base it on experiences youve had with them (eg, my old school had foolproof on all the macs, and alot of people came to think thats how all macs are)
B) Base opinions without trying the other products first.

Anywho, I think MS has finally *started* to make some good OSes, and I think thats great for all people not lucky enough to have a Mac.

Mac OS X, well, I like better, and I think its the best out there.

I also think that it would be *bad* if Apple ever gained more than a 75% market share, since it would become the big boy/girl on the block, and as such, would also be getting the attn that MS was getting with the courts for some reason or another. Anywho... I just want apple to continue with great products... hahaha