WindowsXP ads..stop the horror!


ok, so far i seen two windowsxp ads (which looks really crappy, they need real graphic artists) on the metro trains, saw one in a magazine and couple on public buses. make it stop!!!!!!!
hey, looking at those ads is nothing compared to using it! I had to repair a windows XP system a few days back (in my past, I used to be a PC freak....what? I needed the money and I was young!)....SO MANY COLOURS!

Blue and Green! Who would pair blue and green? And if you fire up the start menu (without changing any prefs to disable all this fuck) it takes up HALF the screen on a 1024 res! HALF THE SCREEN OF COLOURFULL HORROR!
In the explorer, there is no way NOT to click those "Search" icons, they are so freaking's like "hey, apple now has 256x256 32 bit icons....let's make ours 512x512"...the look of the system feels like a two days old chewing gum....arg....Microsoft, you are not producing bad OS's, they are alright (ok, WinME is not), Win2K is even good, (of course nothing comes close to MacOS) but what have you done with this? Go visit the guys making the Office v.X, they have a sense for style! The Office v.X Icons are the some of the best I've seen for a long time! But XP is just so baaah...
...should never be seen!!:p

Maybe there going for a sporty look, to make it seem faster!
In the german language we say "blue and green dresses the pig"...rhymes in german

Make it seem faster? Then you have to give it acceleration-holes (hehe, only Simpsons-fans might get this one)
Hmm... Actually they designed a sort of silverish theme that doesn't look that bad even. I think they HAD to revamp the appearance of the OS, since every OS after Windows 95 basically looked the same. What is the main selling point of XP, now that Win2K is so stable? (It IS stable, believe me.) Nobody would pay for upgrades if you can keep the old one that runs fine. So they had to do that. Even if most people change XP to have the old look after starting to hate the new one :) ... But XP also replaces 95, 98 and ME, so THAT'S where the new look makes some sense, for those are the gamers and the chewing gum look fanatics. :) They should have made the professional version look a bit better though, like Apple did with Mac OS X Server 10.x (Graphite is default there).
Originally posted by ulrik
In the german language we say "blue and green dresses the pig"...rhymes in german

huh? how does "gruen" rhyme with "schwein" ? never heard that one before ...

edit: forget it ... just spent thirty seconds thinking about it ... of course, you've got "blau" rhyming with "sau"... okay.
still never heard that one before ... not that it matters.
Originally posted by fryke
What is the main selling point of XP, now that Win2K is so stable? (It IS stable, believe me.) Nobody would pay for upgrades if you can keep the old one that runs fine.
Microsoft has always depended on their new software only supporting their current OS, so that anyone who wanted to get the MANY bugs fixed would have to upgrade the OS as well as the program. This has been the history with all versions of office, until recently: M$ Office both 2k and XP work fine on Win2k and WinME, and Win2K is more than stable enough to satisfy the needs of businesses, so on the proffesional end their old strategy does not work this time. I believe that few businesses will upgrade, and only curious home users currently stuck with ME will upgrade, so most sales of XP will be on new computers. Since PC sales everywhere are still falling, this is going to present a problem for M$. I think that since nobody needs XP, people will start actually looking at other OS's based on what they think they'd be most comfortable using, which could mean greater market share for apple
Microsoft graphics artists (hahahaha I laugh at the thought :p)
must have been trippin on something when they designed the interface...perhaps they were droppin acid while using OS X lol :p
it's "gruen und blau schmueckt die sau"'s well known in the area of Hessen and Baden Würtemberg, but I bet that some guys from Bayern (Bavaria) or Hamburg also wouldn't know this... ;)
for everyone who has installed XP on a system I ask this.. Did you all laugh.

I used to be a humble windows user and when win95 came out to be honest it was a breakthough for the windows platform. (Same engine under the bonnet and horrid stability but we all know that)

Windows XP is just windows 2000 with some features they didnt have time to implement, didnt want to give away in a service pack for free (like apple) and needed a gimmick for. Windows ME is a buggy POS which they would want to forget about, so XP is that answer.

There is two versions, the home version is crippled to the extent that you cant even connect to a windows domain with it so if you want to work from home then tough.

The user interface is horrid, its just so vile and I dont see any company rolling it out to replace NT 4 - 5. The users would die of confusion.

As a MCSE my advice still remains the same, if you want a real computer get a bloody macintosh.
At least two MCSE share the same opinion ;) Allthough I am a MCNA, IIRC it is called MCSE now...I made that thing a WHILE back when I was still active in the PC scene ;)
I am a systems admin in a windows, novell and solaris environment. I took my g4 into the office a few weeks back to show them what I am on about.

After we moved the corporate video over using imovie they where sold on what the apple was on about. (the head of IT came over and blurts out "what do you call that" my response was simply " a real computer"

My simple policy is I work building networks using Microsoft products among others, and with my hard earned dollars I can afford my mac.

People just dont see what you can do if you look past the brands that have saturated the scene.

Did you know you can now get a Sun Sparc Based system for $AUS3000 ($1500 USD). So even if Apple is not your cup of tea (we forgive you) you can still get other types of computer with real processors and risc design.

And yes since XP home does not connect to domains I can use 10.1 to connect to my cisco router and windows nt domain at work easier than a windows xp user can. HAHA Ironic eh
SunSparcs got this inexpensive??? Hmmm....this makes me think.....hmmm.....nah, G5.....;) (Sun had me for approximately 0.9 seconds...and to speak with Data's words, for a Mac addict, that's nearly an eternity ;)
Actually, the Sun Blade 100 is $995 US, with a 500mhz UltraSparc IIe, etc., etc. In fact, right out of the box it's more powerful thank several much more expensive Sun Workstations.

Those blade computers really look nice, Sun say that they are the ultimate thin client but when a system packs a CPU with that much punch you really have to admit that if you used it as a thin client would be wasting some serious CPU cycles.
WOW! Did you see those MS commercials?
I'm giving up this OS X shit, XP will let me fly!

Anyway, enough sarcasm. Remember the people who said apple's commercials didnt say enough about their products? Where are they now?



I guess if they payed me, I would say that too....

i saw what the windows xp software box going to look like...soild color..well kind...a little graident in the middle and the windows logo in the middle....geee where did i see that style before.