WMP 9 for Mac - Played now not playing!?!


Hi Everyone.

I have an Ibook G4, I have OS X 10.3.9, I loaded WMP 9 for mac when I first purchased my machine...it's been cool for months...NOW all of a sudden it's stopped working. I deleted the files, and player...and started over...the player installs, but when I double clock a file...all that happens is the icon bounces around for about 30 seconds...with nothing happening..the WMP menus don't even show up on the top...what am I doing wrong..or what's happend...please help!



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This is a flaw in the current Windows Media Player for Mac. Windows Media Player will only work with the default skin. To make it run you can NOT have anything else but the default viewing skin (for the player). To fix your problem just find the file ~/Library/Preferences/Windows\ Media\ Player\ Prefs and delete it. When the player is launched again, do NOT select a different viewing skin. Then email Microsoft and voice the flaw. The more voices will cause them to fix the flaw.