WMV and Tiger


Awhile ago there was a topic on compatability issues of Tiger/WMV, and I can't seem to find the thread on it. Was this issue ever resolved? If not, this is my problem, and I know it was slightly different from others. When I got tiger and tried to play WMV files, they didn't work, so I thought WMV was corrupted, so I deleted it. Then I tried to re-install it, and it still didn't work. Then I found out it was a general tiger issue, and when I tried to delete certain files, that didnt work because I already deleted my copy of WMV. Any help would be appreciated. :D
WMV files are hit-and-miss on Mac OS X. You can use VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player (both available from http://www.versiontracker.com). If they play, they play. If they don't, they don't.

Flip4Mac has a product that can play WMV files in QuickTime, and I find it decent at best. Some WMV files still don't play, and the ones that do stutter and flicker in and out from picture to black and back again, making the movie unwatchable. Of course, I have a pretty dated machine and it could be due to the slow bus/processor.
The WMV player from flip4mac works perfectly on my Mac Mini (1.25 GHz) but not quite so great on my iMac G4 (800 MHz). CPU speed seems to be of the essence here...