Just get the console down using us-keybord press shift and the button inbetwean "shift and Z" and wright /name ????
anyone know anything about a problem in wolfenstein where coming back into 'limbo' mode causes the program to crash, EVERY time??

i love the game but i think id took it a little too seriously, i mean when i get killed the whole app goes down :eek:
You all are luckyer then me. Ive downloaded 4 copyies and everyone does this. Something is killing it. anyone got any ideas before i reinstall...lol
I downloaded the new one on the Apple website and crashed like crazy. There is a version that has the windows version included. I wish I had more information, never mind. I will try and figure out where I downloaded it and send you the link.
Go to ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/wolf/osx

Download the installer, it fixes the "limbo crash" bug. It runs very stably for me.
I downloaded that update and booted the other version... to no avail. kinda sucks... oh well... I submitted a bug report about that and hopefully it will be fixed.
Everything works fine for me, except that I cannot see any server on the internet.

Only thing I can do is to play all alone :(
hm... must be cause my machine is a DP, cause im heaving a hell of a time running lots of stuff. Word test drive = crash, WolfMP = crash, UTpreview = crash.... damn!

All I have left is Quake3, NO! ah, quad damage... gotta go!

and yes im running 10.1 5G64...
OK 2 things. Make sure your firewall is not blocking port 279** (that is, from 27900 to 27999).
Also, make sure r_smp 0 is set, or wolf will crash alot on MP machines. I had that problem.
Thanks a lot wyvern!!! works like a charm now... this is the first time i have ever seen the exit screen upon quiting. :D

too bad it takes longer to load now.
ok, since you guys were able to get it installed, what did you do?

i'm trying to run the installer after stuffit expands it., and it keeps crashing.

i'm running 10.1 and its a powerbook g3/500 firewire. i've also installed the updated 10.1 developer tools if that matters...
if it keeps crashing during the install there's probably some corruption with the file you downloaded .. I'm on 10.1 with DevTools installed and didn't have any problem installing it.
i'm really surprised that apple says that osx will run good on a g3. especially after i upgraded to 10.1. wasn't that supposed to make everything faster? what about games? yeah it makes some apps load up faster, but games run horribly. wolfenstein ran better on os 10.0.4 than on 10.1. sure i was only getting about 20 frames per second on 10.0.4, which sucks anyway, but now i'm probably playing at about 10 frames per second. the new quake 3 is said to run faster on os x than on classic, but guess what? playing at 8 fps isn't my idea of a good time. i'm running a 500 mhz powerbook g3, with the crappy 8mb rage card, and 320 ram. the only thing it's good for is going on the internet in os x. things work fine in os9. i think maybe apple should stop being so optimistic and say that os x will work on all their computers, and start telling the truth. i'd hate to see what the new iBooks would do with osx, what with their slow bus speed. so far every one of my programs runs better on os9 than on x. x is obviously made for g4 machines of 500 megahertz or higher.