Won't Boot Up after working fine before bed.


I have my friend's Macbook to install some software and what not.

Last night I was just finishing autocad and I closed it to sleep.

Tried booting it up this morning to finish up what I was doing - however the
laptop's power light just quickly blinks once, won't turn on.
What the heck happened!
If the MacBook white LED on the front edge is blinking once per second, and nothing else happens - try reseating the RAM memory chips.
Managed to get it up and running. I foolishly restarted it to see if I can get into the windows bootcamp. Was starting up and then whammo. Black screen, shut off.

Can this be related to bootcamp rather than hardware?

Back to square one. TRying to get her going again.
You said that you had it running...
Was that in OS X?

If you have already tried to reseat the RAM memory - shut off, then unplug the power adapter. If the battery is removable (just the turn-slot on the bottom to remove the battery), then remove that and then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Put the battery back in - connect the power adapter, and start up again to OS X. If you can get that started all the way, let it run for 30 minutes or so, just to see if it shuts itself off...
If that happens, immediately feel along the bottom for hot spots. I suspect it is overheating (the fan might not be working), and shutting down. Booting to Windows is (probably) not causing a shutdown, and is simply because it's been on for a few minutes already - and heating up.