Won't install on HD??????HELP!

I just recently installed a new HD into my cpu (Quantum Fireball 30GB) and I formatted it to Mac OS Standerd but Mac OS X won't let me select it as the Drive I wanna install on?
To install OS X the drive needs to be formated as Mac OS Extended, not Mac OS Standard. Since you have a 30 GB drive, this would probably be a good idea anyway. otherwise you will be loosing gobs of storage space. While you are at it, you might want to partition the drive as well, one partition for OS X, and one partition for OS 9.1, ect.
What machine are you installing on? 'Older' (i.e. Beige) Mac G3 boxen have a limitation in OpenFirmware that prevents MacOSX (as well as LinuxPPC, I think) from properly recognizing the drive if its first partion is larger than 8GB.

This is covered in the release notes, but like so many folks, I did not RTFM before installing MacOSX on my G3/300 w/ a 20GB drive. It would not install until I had repartitioned the drive such that the first partition was less than 8GB. That sucks, but at least there's (reasonably) simple work-around...