Woohoo! We Win!


No worries!
Well if any of ya have been to that loser site www.deathtomacs.com ... well, I'll let you see for yourselves :D :p ONE DOWN LOTS 2 GO!!!!!
ha ha ha
I wonder what schukey (user ID on the other forum) will have in his signature file now that his site is down :p

This is what the site says:
Well, we've had our fun with you little Mac-addicts. We'll shut down the site because we didn't know you Mac freaks
treated it like a religion. Thanks for all the mail, I guess you guys won... for now... MWUAHAHAHHAHAA... but I'm just
kidding around, you guys actually thought it would work? You guys are pathetic, get a freakin life and forget about
your goddamn obsession with Mac computers.

Waste your time and send more hatemail here:
I betcha he is selling the mail list of everyone he gets mail from to apple centric advertisers (this is NOT a joke) so I would be careful
Heh heh.. I get a kick out of people who invest time and money to buy a domain name and create a web site dedicated to disliking macs.. then say the folks who like macs are "wasting their time". :rolleyes:
He better shut down that site! I hate windows!
I love Macs! I sent him emal. Here what I said in email:

Hey! You know what? You better shut down your stupid site! Windows SUCKS!

I love Macs! They are best!

WE HATE WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deathtomac.com is not only one....But we also need to shut down other anti-mac sites:

We need to beat them! They need to put it down forever!!!!

Hey how about anti-windows?! We need anti-windows to stop Microsoft and Windows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It shouldnt be really hard to get Anti M$ sites up...
after all AMIGA, ATARI, APPLE, SUN, SGI and LINUX users hate M$ :p

lets all massive email this person to get that site offline :p
its not that hard to mass mail annoyomously. So if we wanted to..... sendmail + perl script... oh well, that brings me back to my old dial up days when if you exceeded 2meg mail quota, you had to wait +20mins to download all the mail!

we really should post to http://www.sucks500.com

there's a macs suck thread there. anyone can post, I've allready done so as kilowatt.