Working With Imovie On An External Hd

gerard karelse

1. A completed iMovie project was filed on my 250Gb external LaCie drive (USB2). I found out that the audio I did add (for instance a voice over) was not anymore in sync with the video. How to prevent this if you want to save space on your internal HD and still want the possibility to make some changes later with iMovie.

2. If you want to make an iMovie project on your external drive for the same reason, you have to install there your iMovie software as well I guess. I found out that the audio facilities are not working properly if you have only your data on the external drive. I tried to copy my iMovie software to this drive which was not possible.

Is there anybody to help me out in this matter, I will be very grate full.

Gerard (the Netherlands)

Powerbook G4 1.67 Ghz, 512 MB DDR SDRAM, Tiger 10.4.2
In other words, you are creating a iMovie project that is being saved on an external drive. The main problem you have is the sync of music and video.

Move the audio file to the external drive. All your files for the project should be close together.

Check out this web site about audio files and syncing.

What version iMovie are you using? Have you updated it?
What format is the external drive in? I was reading somewhere today that iMovie has trouble with external drives that are NOT in HFS+ format. FAT32 seems to screw with the iMovie project files.
dear Cheryl and Diablo CC

I am working with the latest iMovie version. Your remark about the format (indeed FAT32) was very helpfull, I will change this.

I don't understand the remark about putting the audio files on the external drives. I copied a complete project to this file (LaCie 250 Gb USB2) this is including the audio I think?? Also when I start making a project on this ext. drive the audio files should be located there as well I guess.

With this project (on my ext drive) the micro function to make voice over doesn't work, it really puzzles me.

My number one question: is it possible to make a iMovie project on your external drive (without installing your software ((iMovie and ? OSX)) there)??

thanks a lot for your advice, Gerard
Having the audio files physically closer to the video files (a la on the same drive) shouldn't make any difference at all... in fact, if I recall correctly, iMovie packages up the audio and video for you in a convenient little package, so you don't have to worry about this at all.

Yes, you can make an iMovie project on your external drive and have iMovie installed on your internal drive. You can simply move the iMovie project file anywhere you like and it should work, as long as the drive is formatted in HFS+ format.