WoW on OS X Server?


Ok, Hi Everyone,

This is a weird question, I know from the start. I currently have a 2.7 G5 and have OS X on it. I wanted to begin to run some sites off it, and email and DNS, and was thinking of upgrading to OS X Server. My question is, has anyone tried to play World of Warcraft on OS X Server? Like, I said it's a weird question. I just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with it or some advice. I have been reading about all the GUIs in Server that help and I understand I could most things from OS X without the GUIs. I just wanted to check if anyone had any advice. Thanks in advance.

There should be no reason World of warcraft won't run on OS X server, since it is pretty much OS X with a few added goodies.
Well, i think that the OS X Server is an exact same copy os the client version with something more, but I also think that I should remind you that you can install the Server AND leave the client installation on the same drive. This will allow you to boot from the Server and test it, before you choose to rip off the client version...
The only way you can install the client version of OS X and the server version of OS X on the same drive is if you partitioned the drive and put client on one partition and server on the other.

It is impossible to have Mac OS X client and server installed on the same physical drive and partition.
Ok, the last two options sound like a plan. I would hate to "slash N burn" and then it doesn't work. The World of Warcraft site people said they do not support it, but like above they didn't think it would be a problem. Thank you all for your thoughtful replies.