WWDC 2006 keynote

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Well no of course it's not going to be up yet but it'll appear there later after the event is over.


Will it be downloadable as a file anywhere?

Can anyone with QTpro get it and send it to me? I cant wait!!!

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What I don't understand is why Apple just doesn't sell the video of the keynote from the iTMS.

Hell, I'd be willing to pay for it (and I told them so, via Apple's feedback site) to get a non-streaming version asap.



pay why pay? apple users that pay deserve to learn of apple's course for free!
pay, no way! we diserve it!


You can already get it for free - streaming.


Streaming isnt for all people, there are some still on dialup including my self!
Im refering to us, slow internet users, that prefer to just download the whole thing and watch it uninteruptibly!


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erh... YOU again! ;) let's just wait until it actually shows up _any_where. we don't know whether there's going to be live or postponed or no streaming at all so far...

I love Fryke! :) I am excited i wish i had 1,500+ dollars to tour this week's events... :)


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I'm here in the Moscone waiting for the keynote to begin. I'll post updates if the wifi will stay open.



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Apple tend to close down due to update info about MacPro and others that very normal for Apple do that..


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10:11 am 1.6 to 2.1x faster than the G5 quad
10:09 am up to 3x a Xeon
10:09 am deliver tremendous performance per watt
10:09 am 64 bit
10:09 am 128 bit vector engine
10:09 am large 4 MB shared L2 cache
10:09 am up to 3 Ghz
10:08 am all dual core
10:08 am based on core 2 duo
10:08 am woodcrest processors
10:08 am old case - two optical drives
10:08 am Mac Pro
10:08 am good morning - so excited
10:08 am Schiller takes the stage
10:08 am PowerMac -
says it's goodbyes

The Mac Pro!