WWDC 2006 keynote


This is terrible... Great new products but stuff was missing... going to hurt the stock this week.


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although I'm happy with the Mac Pro announcements, and dual-core, dual CPU Woodcrest action - which was expected - and the price is pretty decent; I just love all of the foolish expectations of the people that thought the iPhone, et al was going to really happen.


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I definitely didn't expect an iPhone. I WAS hoping for something that was a little more intriguing to me, and an unexected product announcement. After all the silence lately, I guess we were hoping for something interesting to be announced.

Mac Pro and Xserve were pretty much exactly what was expected, and I also have no interest in spending $2500+ on a new system, so not particularly useful to me =)

Some of the things look interesting - Core Animation and some of the others look like they give poention to interesting new apps at some point down the road. Virtual Desktops are definitely a nice add. The rest of it? A handful of nice improvements/interesting toys, but definitely not going to make me rush out and buy the new OS. I'm hoping they have some new product announcements over the next month, and that there really are "top secret" things are actually, well, interesting (and not just unfinished minor features that were too unstable for even a fixed demo).

I also think we were hoping for some "killer" new feature that just will make Leopard head-and-shoulders above Vista in the minds of consumers. I'm not really seeing much here, which makes me a bit more worried about the Vista launch.

Front Row included in Leopard is good. I was hoping to see more about it, though - I'm really hoping I can make my Mini a real media center/living room PC (current Front Row+iTMS is about 65% there as long as I don't intend it to do DVR)


I wonder how much faster then 3GHz chips are over the 2.66GHz... Anyone seen any Woodcrest benchmarks out there?


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I'm having the time of my life attempting to get either stream running for more than 5 minutes. Ugh.


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Same here :(

I used to be able to download the movies by screwing with the actual rtsp link but I haven't had any luck doing that.

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Mine would stream at 700kbit for a while and then drop to zero, which I don't get why. It could handle the 700kbit for a long time then just drop to zero. If it was overloaded servers then it'd just drop down to a lower bitrate not zero. Then my stream would come back at 700kbits again.


Charlie Brown
It's too bad that Apple seems to have stopped caring much about the whole streaming keynote. A few years back when it would go out live was always really exciting and now the replay won't even play back 5 hours after the show has ended. I wonder why it feels like there's a lack of enthusiasm over keynotes in general.


Guys all the links in here are broken, plus that the qtime apple provides is giving me the msg of invalid url...

I thought it was good -- loved Time Machine. I was hoping for some more info on Leopard, but I can understand why they are being secretive.

They had a kind of Blue Screen of Death moment though with the iPhoto demonstration. Has that ever happened before?! I can only imagine what Steve would have said after the keynote!