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omg.. need air.. tooo manyannouncements


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Jaguar is going to rock. That is all I can say. I cannot wait. I am so so serious.


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OK, Apple.

All is forgiven. You can charge $129 for Jaguar if you want. I don't care. All I want is ****ing iChat and Rendezvous and spring-loaded folders and Sherlock 3 and a REAL Address Book.app and Mail.app filters and Inkwell and Quartz Extreme.

Jaguar will be worth the wait. I don't care if it comes at the last day of the summer. I will wait. And I will buy it the first day it comes out.

And don't worry, Apple, you'll get my money for a new comp too, since I've been eyeing that new iMac anyway. :p At the very least I will buy a Radeon and hack it into my cube to get 32 MB of VRAM for Quartz Extreme.

Seriously, OS X 10.2 is like 10 times the upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1. I thought OS X 10.2 was going to be a small, evolutionary step in the advancement in OS X. But now I see that's it's going to be a MAJOR upgrade, and I will gladly pay in full for it.


I seriously hope they were kidding about you needing 32 megs of VRAM for Quartz Extreme. That's just stupid :)

That means iBooks won't do well with it, and PowerBooks that are older than 1 week are out already. Umm, that's a bad thing in my book ;)


Yup, I'll pay full price too. It will be WELL worth it for iChat alone!

More speed, and mail and address book done right! and spam filter!

Man, Steve really layed the smack down on the rumor sites today, nobody really saw this coming!

I am sooo happy! DID YOU SEE SHERLOCK? No need to buy watson now! Although I do think it's a nice app, too.

And I'll finally get my wish to come true - hand writing recognition on my Wacom tablet! hehe!

Time to go do the happy dance!

Tee hee tee hee!

BTW: Expect 32 MB Video Ram iBooks by Jaguar release, that seems to be the minimum for all other products now due to the new speed quartz thing.


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Quartz Extreme is something that newer computers can use, but it's not a necessary feature. I just hope that they speed up regular Quartz rendering, too.

However, most of Apple's products currently have 32 MB of VRAM. The Powerbook, iMac, PowerMac, and eMac all have 32 megs of VRAM. All that's left is the iBook with a measly 8 MB; but I think Apple will turbocharge it with a 32 MB VRAM graphics card in the update after the upcoming one, if not in the upcoming one. Remember, OS X 10.2 is not out yet, so the hardware restriction is nonexistent right now. This is just an ANNOUNCEMENT. Don't blame Apple for not delivering when they don't even need to. Apple is making half-a-year old Powerbooks not able to use the new feature – I'd hardly call that a good move but it's not a bad move either. If Apple RELEASED OS X 10.2 today and had that restriction, THEN it would be a bad move.

It WOULD be nice to see partial Quartz Extreme in my cube or something, though.

I figure what I'll do is just buy a new computer pre-installed with OS X 10.2 to spare me the $129 expense. I've been wanting a new comp anyway, and maybe I can do with a new eMac. :)


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I still hope Apple would offer any upgrade on old PowerBook G4 a 32MB of VRAM upgrade. The VRAM looks like upgradeable...

Anyway, good to see that Apple has upgraded the PowerBook G4 lineup with 32MB of VRAM!


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From: http://www.apple.com/macosx/newversion/

Quartz Extreme
Jaguar dramatically improves the performance of Mac OS X with Quartz Extreme. Jaguar lets Quartz offload compositing tasks to a supported* video card, using OpenGL to accelerate the drawing and compositing of graphics. As with the benefits 3D games get from a video co-processor, the main CPU chip(s) can then focus on application-specific needs.

*nVidia: GeForce2MX, GeForce3, GeForce4 Ti, GeForce4 or GeForce4MX. ATI: any AGP Radeon card. 32MB VRAM recommended for optimum performance.

It just won't be "optimal".


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Hmmm, look ymmie. I really hope it rewally updates screen drawing speed!!

It's 4:24 AM here... Time to bed... g'nite.


I know the XTREME QUARTS will speed things up, but have they increased the speed of the OS itself, like they did from 10.0 to 10.1?


Right here in my desk drawer, next to the stapler. But I do have to admit, sticking those things to my monitor hasn't helped me a bit!

;) This post is not intended to be taken seriously...


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iChat looks so bloated :(

I got overly excited when I read that they were buddy buddy with AOL because that certainly means file transfer. Integration with Address book sounds intriguing too.

But look at that interface :( Yuck!!!

I use Adium because at 1024x768 the buddy list takes up about a 10th of the width of my screen and depending on how many buddies are on, 1/3rd my screen in vertical direction. I have a measly 13" iMac CRT screen but I am able to surf the web and see my chat window at the same time.

iChat has freakin conversation bubbles. If that's not bloat I'm going full Darwin. Sorry if I sound cynical but I don't want to buy a cinema display just so I can ask my friends if they know the answer to 34 on the calculus.


I'm sure iChat will have different view options besides the bubbles.

Maybe we'll finally see QuickTime MPEG-4 video conferencing through iChat.


Quartz Extreme is very ironic and is a kick in the face to us G3 people.

Apple was meant to be giving us a speed fix for use slower machines but instead they give speed increases to already fast machines!

And no I will not buy a new mac cause right now whats on offer sux, and I can see these new g4's getting outadated so quickly with their 133 buses.