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AG3... do you expect them to squeeze blood from a stone?

Precisely what processor do you have that you would like Apple to offload the Quartz rendering onto? Your IDE chipset?


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That inkwell or ink app, is it to be iNk (pronounced eye-nk), as in iMac, (or rather iInk), or are we dropping the 'i' now due to the release of the eMac. Will there be an eNk, just for... (GW Bush type-of-phrase)... educationalists!?:confused:


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Originally posted by ddma
I am still sad about having 16MB of VRAM in my PowerBook... My TiBook has 1 month old only!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a Radeon with 32MB VRAM in my G3, but no AGP!
Damn... :(


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Stop whining for chrissakes! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :/


Remember that Quartz Extreme is made to make computers faster, and Apple tries their hardest. There becomes a point where a G3 just doesn't cut it anymore. Apple is going to be phasing them out soon, and there are still other optimizations that will make G3's faster. You can't have everything.There is more to 10.2 than just Quartz.

I don't think the current machines are very crappy at all, except for the iBooks. A 133 bus may not be ideal, but the machines still run quickly, right? ;)
As for G4's becoming outdated quickly, of course they do! This is the computer world, remember? You can't expect to keep up with technology improvements. If Apple released new machines every other year, then you'd be complaining that Apple's machines get faster too slowly!

Originally posted by AG3
Quartz Extreme is very ironic and is a kick in the face to us G3 people.

Apple was meant to be giving us a speed fix for use slower machines but instead they give speed increases to already fast machines!

And no I will not buy a new mac cause right now whats on offer sux, and I can see these new g4's getting outadated so quickly with their 133 buses.