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I have searched the internet around and this site and searched Apple's site and tons of other sites, but nowhere i can get info when macosx will be traslated to swedish?? The english version is march 24, but when is others?? I can't find swedish mentioned anywhere? Anyone know?
I can't find the page on apple's website anymore, but there was at one point a little quote that said that the english version would come out on the twenty-sixth and that other languages would follow with in 1-2 months. I can't remember if thery listed swedish as a version to be made, but if there os a swedish version of OS9 that iwould think most likley there will be a OSX version in swedish. Good Luck
The version of OS X that is to be released on March 24 includes multiple language support. While I don't know if sweedish is one of them, I do know that there is a long list that you can choose from and switch between at will. There is no need to release aditional versions for different languages. They ae already built in!
I've heard tell that linux/unix, which OS X is based on, has had that inherent language support for some time. However, I have not had a chance to verify that. Having all the languages available in one release of an OS is a new concept for the Windows/Mac OS market.
The german apple-website says, there will be a swedish version of macos X, but it will be out just a little bit after the normal version which contains an english, german, french, italien and some other language-versions. Sorry, but you´ll have to wait a little longer...

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Also the Swedish Applestore says:

Note: The Swedish version of Mac OS X will be available at a future date.

on the pre-order site.
March 24 Apple will introduce English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese versions of MacOS X... all other languages will follow afterwards.

What they don't state is if the version you buy in US, Germany or Spain will contain only their home language or all of them. Unix can support mulitple languages and switch from one to another on the fly.

This is going to be great :)))
After looking around for some time I have found a tip in an Italian site that shows how to turn on all the extra languages that MacOS X PB has inside.

Below I post the tip but read the article for all the extra information:


<b>How To do it:</b><br>

Use Sherlock to find a file named &quot;<b>.Globa Preferences.plist</b>&quot; in the partition where you have installed Mac OS X.<br>
Open it with a text editor (Word can do the job but a simpler one to open and save simple text files)<br>
Check the first lines...</p>


<p>You can find that only English, German and French are listed... <br>
to support your language simply add these few lines...<br></p>


<p>Change it to add your language (the list contains the ones we have checked....) and then save the update file as a text only archive in its original place.</p>

<p>Now restart your MacOS X beta and login... go to system preferences and choose &quot;international&quot; than put the preferred one (you'll see the updated list that adds more to the 3 standard ones) on top of the list.</p>

<p><br>Log out from MacOS X and log in again.<br>
Now you have a &quot;nationalized&quot; Mac OS X beta: a promise of what the future will bring to you...</p>

<p>Be careful and return to the standard languages to check the full compatibility of your applications and utilities.... and remember once again that the additional language aren't supported by Apple for now...</p>