X11 And Enlightenment


I was tinkering around with X11 and fink. I installed enlightenment with fink. I went searching around my hard drive and found enlightenment.install, or something to that effect. I had to use Terminal.app to open it. The text read that Enlightenment would now load when X starts. How can I easliy switch to different window managers, as well as restore defaults to X11. I really like Unix, but alas I am just a lowly produce manager for a big grocery chain. Thank You, wskoie1
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In your home directory ~ you should have a file named .xinitrc which contains settings for the X11 environment. This is in fact just a list of things that will happen as soon as you start up X11, such as launching a window manager of your choice. If you want to switch window managers, you need to change the relevant lines of your .xinitrc file. Normally when installing a new window manager through a script a backup of your original settings is made, check out which files you have in ~ that could be that backup, perhaps something like ".xinitrcOLD"?

My .xinitrc file reads:

source /sw/bin/init.sh

xterm &

exec quartz-wm