Yasu cleaner deleted all of my picture and movie files


Can someone please help? I was told to download Yasu for cleaning my Mac iBook G4 Leopard Power PC. After I ran it I discopvered that it had deleted all of my picture and movie files :( Can someone help me to recover them, please? Thank you!
I was the one that suggested YASU, which I use on all my Macs with no problems.
I don't think you can change the settings and accidentally force YASU to delete pictures and movies from your computer. It's a fairly safe utility that I have used for years.
YASU doesn't do anything outside of the various caches folders, so it's unlikely to delete your own files - unless you had your files in simply the wrong place...
Your pictures and movies (I'm assuming you use Apple's software, like iPhoto, and iTunes, etc) will be in the your user (home) folder, in either the Pictures, or the Movies folder.
Are you saying that those folders are now empty?
If those folders have files in them, what leads you to believe that your pictures are all gone?

If the pictures (the files) are actually gone, you can get them from your backup.

If I recall, you began here wanting to clean your hard drive, because it was getting full, correct?
A full hard drive, particularly if you began to get messages telling you that the hard drive is full - and you continue using the drive in spite of the warning messages, can occasionally cause corruption of files, and problems with the drive directory.

I suggest as a next step, the you boot to your OS X installer disk, and run Disk Utility from the menus - so you can attempt to repair the hard drive directory.
If you have a bootable backup, you could also try booting from that to repair your internal hard drive (again, using your Disk Utility)

Let me know if you have neither a bootable backup, or an OS X installer disk. This is one of those times where the installer DVD is more valuable. :)
There are still other repair options, so let me know if you need to pursue other choices.
Oh, DeltaMac! Thank you so much for trying to help me! :) My pictures and movies were in their proper folders, and I set up a screensaver slide-show. After I ran that Yasu, they completely disappeared! Nothing--no folders--just blank. I don't know why this happened, because my comp wasn't saying it was almost full, but i wanted to clean up some junk so I could add a new printer. I did back up my videos, but not my pictures. No, I do not have an installer disk, and my disk utility was deleted by mistake. I've heard that the installer disks are pretty expensive. Is that true? Do you know where I could buy an installation disk? I guess I might have to pursue some other choices. :eek::eek: Thanks so much!
Do you mean that your screensaver just doesn't run now?

That COULD be a result of running YASU, as that can remove some of the cache support files that make your Mac perform much faster. Certain other maintenance may get things back to normal...

If the pictures were in your iPhoto app - try rebuilding the iPhoto database, which may fix your issue:
Launch iPhoto, while holding the Option and Command keys.
You will get a window asking if you want to rebuild the iPhoto database. There may be several choices. Choose ALL of the choices that you see there, and click the rebuild button in that window. The rebuild process can take a REALLY long time - several hours if you have thousands of photos like some folks do.

Here's another method that can test your hard drive, even though your Disk Utility is missing.
Restart, holding Command-S. Your Mac will boot into "single-user mode", which is a text page, with a variety of information about your hardware, and a few lines about your software. The scrolling will stop at a text prompt, so type in the following command
fsck -fy
Then, press enter. You will see a number of results lines, showing that the hard drive is being tested.
If this ends in something like "** file system was modified **", or some error is reported - run the same command again, until the test results in no problems found. If you continue to see the same error 3 times, then you may have other problems that Disk Utility can't repair either.
Good or bad, reboot by typing the word reboot, then press enter, and your Mac will restart normally.
Let me know what you find out.
Thanks, so much, DeltaMac! I'll try the suggestions that you've given me! :) It's so nice of you to help others with their problems. I hope this takes care of the problem! I'll let you know after I try it!