Yosemite And Smb Protocol


I have upgraded to yosemite. Now I cannot connect to a shared drive on server 2008 using the smb://x.x.x.x protocol as I could before. Windows techs are stumped and no help.
If I try to login, I am denied access to the domain, after 2 attempts. The mac is not on the domain, just accessing the shared drive.
I have another desktop setup the same and it can connect. Makes absolutely no senses. It is like a part of the driver has been missed in setup.
Anyone else having problems sharing from or connecting to windows servers.
I found when connecting a Mac Mini to a server 2008s2 I had to do three things, two in the Mac and adding a new computer entry in the server software computers section.

In the Mac I first hand to go to System Preferences->Date & Time and out in the server IP into the Time Server part. Second I had to open System Preferences->Network, Advanced, and put in the server Workgroup ID to the sane as the Server. Then finally I could go into System Preferences->User & Groups, join button using the server IP for the Domain and use a Domain Admin account to add it to the Domain.

Lastly I had to go into System Preferences->Security and change in to prompt fir username/ password so all users could put in their own info to log into the Mac.

Oh yes I forgot, you have to reboot to let others log into the Mac.
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Now for the smb string. The world is moving on since the old smb days so you need to change it. For older Windows Macs and older NAS devices that still version 1 smb use the cifs string instead because that will tell the SMB 3 driver to use smb1.
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Thanks, when I install Yosemite back on the machine. I will give that a try. I went back to Mavericks and all works again. I decided it would be easier to go back an OS than to keep working with the new one. I will give Yosemite a try again after an update or two.