Yosemite Brings Increased Boot Time - Progress Bar


MacbookPro 2012 8GB

My upgrade to Yosemite went fine. All application and drivers work as before. But I notice that when I do a cold boot, there is a progress bar that shows up and it takes about 90 seconds to complete and get to the login prompt. I did not accurately time my boot up before Yosemite, so I have no basis for complaining. However, the progress bar worries me, and I know the boot time takes longer now.

In Windows, sometimes a software installation would awry and a boot up task would become "stuck" and repeat on every boot up without completing. Thus, adding 15-30-45 seconds to every boot up.

Those running Yosemite on an older MacbookPro:

1. Are you also seeing a longer boot up time after upgrading to Yosemite?

2. What is the time required for you to boot up and get to the login prompt?

3. Are you also seeing a progress bar while the boot process is underway?


YES to 1 & 3 on my early '08 MBP. Haven't timed it, but I have time to make a cup of coffee. :(

If only I could add more than 4GB of RAM, I think it might improve.

Doesn't bother me too much until I see my wife's '14 MBP, with SSD & 16GB RAM boot almost instantly. And, yes, she has the progress bar also.

Adison Ross

When I tried to install OS X Yosemite in my Macbook Pro (2012 late) then it took the same time as mentioned by SGilbert.....May be the consumed time is due to any other issues, but I am happy to have this version to work. few awesome feature like blinking Apple Logo while 'turning off' Mac and 'handoff' feature is great to opt.


In Geostationary Orbit
For all of who "Upgraded" to Yosemite down the free/donationware EtreCheck and run it. When the program shows something in RED that means that program, service is incompatible and it will show the path to delete it manually. Then after you get rid of the RED items immediately reboot!

Doing all this should help.