Yosemite & Startup Items


Before my system went toes up with hardware failure, I ran EtreCheck. Its report included this gem:

Startup items are obsolete in OS X Yosemite.

Does this mean I can trash the folder /Library/StartupItems? There are 7 items whose names indicate old apps that I haven't used in years.


The items in that folder are probably no longer connected to any software anyway - and are just taking up space. The Startup Items function was replaced by other functions several years ago.
Watch for the two words: deprecated, and obsolete.
Deprecated is used during the time that a function should be replaced by an app's developer, but may still work, but not really supported by the system.
Obsolete functions are, well, obsolete.

Seems to me you could move that folder out of its present location. If ALL the items are names of apps that you don't use, or are long gone - should be OK to trash them.