You crazy Mac cult members!!


Who, me?
Just wanted to let you all know I've completely bought in.

I'm completely and wholly PC-free and since last year, I've gotten rid of two servers, two desktops and one laptop, and replaced it all with two iMacs, one iBook and a network attached storage device.

You sly bastards, luring me in with flashy GUIs and stable operation!!



iMovie Professional
You know, you never really realize how much you enjoy troubleshooting your windows machines until they are gone and eBayed. Ok, not everyone misses it.. but it'd be nice if my G4 messed up for a change..

Welcome to the cult ;) We have t-shirts. (no, really, we do)


Ahhhh.. But as an original Mac user I am having to learn to troubleshoot windows for my annoying family. Talk about reverse engineering......


The All-Powerful Pie Nazi
here is how I trouble shoot my windows machine
*grabs iron pipe*
*smacks keyboard*

*puts boot on*
*kicks tower*

*cocks shotgun*
*blasts moniter*

OK! It is fixed!


Mac or bust
"Mac users swear BY their computers while PC users swear AT their computers".

Welcome to the wonderful world of STABILITY. :)

The downside is that I feel sort of stupid when someone asks me to troubleshoot their PC now. It takes me a few seconds before I remember what I should be looking for in the mess that is the Control Panel. I've gotten to the point now where I give something a try and then say, "Maybe try a Mac? That might solve the issue."


I think you will find less people who worship the Macintosh and more people who appreciate it for its user interface and aesthetic design. I used to be part of the mac cult (whether I knew it or not) but now I realize it is just a computer. It just happens to be better than what the rest of the world uses.


Uber Nothing
You know this brings to mind something that happened in the very distant today...

1. I fixed my friend's PC (for the second time)
2. I got an itch to see if I could get the PC in my closet to work again, and possibly use it alongside my eMac.
3. I fixed the closet-PC.
4. I sat for an hour staring at the green and blue field on the PC.
5. The PC crashed for no apparent reason.
6. I put everything I had worked on away, and pulled the PC hard drive.
7. I threw the PC hard drive in an external bay, and praised the simplicity of my almighty Macintosh.


Just keep a shortcut to your preferences folder for good measure ;)

I like using both by the way, as they both have there good and bad points :)