Should be the same for both 10.3.9 and Tiger. Select the item(s) you wanted zipped and hold down the <ctrl> key, then press the mouse button while still holding <ctrl>. A menu will pop-up (called a contextual menu b/c it changes based on what is selected/pointed at when you bring it up). In that menu is a comand for <create archive of ....> and the name of the item(s) selected. selecting this will make a zip archive of your selection (does not delete the original).
I was wondering; does the Panther version of Stuffit work with Tiger?

If it does; couldnt you just take it off of the Panther CD with Pacifist?
Tiger (and Panther) can decompress zips natively, though, so as far as that goes, there's no real need for StuffIt. The only thing you need StuffIt for is sit and sitx (StuffIt) files. And possibly rars (I'm not sure about that).
I already got tiger... Someone without a Mac actually one it for free and gave it to us... THanks... I didn't see zip files.
Safari_Addict said:
How do we Zip Files on Macs? I'm upgrading to Tiger this weekend but I'm running 10.3.9 right now.

In Tiger it easier than you think. Highlight the file you want to zip, right click (control+click with a one button mouse) and select (from the pop-up menu) "Creat Archive of " ___". It is that easy.