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    My Bikey Bike

    Thanks Contreras. Actually those pictures are from my daily commute upstate, I do it all in one day, just about every day (weather permitting) during the cycling season. For more recent, artistic pics, follow my Instagram feed at Instagrid.
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    Are you going to buy the next-generation iPad 3?

    Yeah, don't you remember Diablo, AT&T withdrew that unlimited plan one month after the launch of the first iPad. And it is truly unlimited too, AT&T doesn't throttle iPad subscribers. But I have pretty decent WiFi here in the city anyway, so I needn't abuse it. Unfortunately at my farm...
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    Are you going to buy the next-generation iPad 3?

    And I'm still grandfathered on the unlimited plan, w00t!
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    New Apple iPad (March 2011)

    Diablo, when I went to buy my iPad 3G on its release date last year, the Apple Stores here in NYC were allowing two purchases per customer. I'm guessing that policy was and will continue to be the same all over, dunno of course.
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    Way to use Apple Mail Rules on iPad?

    Is there a way to enable Junk Mail filtering on the iPad? I have a account and as long as my desktop computer is running, my iPad follows my Apple Mail Rules and filters out Junk Mail. But when my eMac is powered down, I am deluged with junk on my iPad 3G. Simply moving mail to...
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    The Apple iPad...

    Yeah Fryke the 16 GB + 3G makes sense to me too. Along with the keyboard dock and case. What I don't understand is that the USB Power Adapter is sold separately, where as on the iPad Keyboard dock page, Apple says: Connect the dock to an electrical outlet using the iPad 10W USB Power...
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    Unable to download BBC iPlayer

    Where are you? These players are limited to the UK.
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    Meteorologist Is Back!

    Meteorologist (aka Meteo), a menubar utility that displays current weather and forecast, went down back in January when changed their layout. But now it is back, and better than ever with new Alerts in Preferences. Download Meteorologist 1.4.9 Todays weather: Sunny and beautiful!
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    The Apple iPad...

    "Although early designs leaked onto blogs last year, it's unclear whether the company will introduce the gadget," the report said.
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    The Apple iPad...

    Um... You do know that the Courier is not real, don't you?
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    Server Move

    Mail keeps giving me grief when I try to send messages with my account? Get the following warning:
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    The Apple iPad...

    I'm with Diablo, Fryke and MisterMe on this one. The iPad is neither replacing nor duplicating any of Apple's current offerings. I keep hearing all these complaints that it's just a blown-up iPod touch. My reaction: Hurray, a blown-up iPod touch! With all the same apps and then...
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    OS10.2 won't install on eMac

    If it is a later eMac it might require either 10.3 or 10.4 to boot. The 2005 model requires 10.4 or.5.
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    Apple Mail Not Playing New Mail Sound

    Well I get the No Mail sound but never the New Mail Sound, no matter what. But this is on a 2005 eMac so the OS is only 10.5.8. Incidentally, I normally boot from a Newer Tech external drive, because the larger cache makes it noticeably faster than the internal HD. Booting from the eMac's own...
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    Apple Mail Not Playing New Mail Sound

    For a long time now, Apple Mail has not been playing any sound when new mail arrives (the other Mail sounds still work.) Doesn't matter which sound I have enabled, or what schedule I select, silence. Checked and my selection seems to be there, dunno why it is not working...