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    Energy Saver Schedule Will Not Save Settings

    I have an interesting situation. I have an iMac 17", 1ghz, 160 gig machine running 10.3.9 that recently had a hard drive and logic board replaced. Now energy saver will not save the schedule I set. I want start up weekdays at 9AM. It reverts back to everyday at 9AM. I have set the...
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Pairs With Ibook, But Not Imac

    Hardware it troubleshoot user won't pair the keyboard either. Thanks again for all the help.
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Pairs With Ibook, But Not Imac

    Strange indeed...I have the Apple wireless mouse & keyboard and am using Apple installed Bluetooth. I have confirmed I'm using the most updated firmware on all counts. I tried your tip. Paired keyboard love. Paired the mouse...much love. Tried pairing both using "any...
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Pairs With Ibook, But Not Imac

    Of course, I use bluetooth assistant to pair the keyboard. It connects to the keyboard, gives me a passkey to type in and I do so. The Assistant then tells me it failed to connect and that I should make sure the devices are discoverable and try again. I have confirmed "discoverable" is...
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Pairs With Ibook, But Not Imac

    Hi, I could use a tip for pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my iMac 17", 10.3.9, 1ghz, 160G machine. My wireless mouse pairs just fine. The keyboard pairs with my ibook w/10.4, so the keyboard doesn't seem to be the issue. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Brigette.
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    Usb Work/don't Work

    Hi, I've been experiencing USB issues over the last couple of months. Early on, device's would simply unmount randomly and infrequently. Over time, it worsened to the point that usb ports failed repeatedly thoughout the day. This all started after a series of consecutive power outages...
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    Internet & Ichat Inconsistent

    Hello, I sould use some help troubleshooting my: iMac 17", USB2 1.25ghz 512 ram 180Gig Over the course of time (last two weeks) my internet has slowed down, recently ichat & firefox have become unstable. (same story applies to IE & Safari) Sometimes connecting, albeit slowly, somtimes...
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    Suprise Dismounts

    Hi, I recently have been having an issue with a Western Digital External Drive, 120G. The drive randlomly unmounts, or perhaps 0SX unmounts it. Regardless, it seems to also effect my mouse, the only other USB device I use daily. It's gotten to othe point where I often need to push...