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    Mac OS 10.2 Codename Jaguar

    my opinion is that no one needs to be an apple cop here or anywhere else. if someone posts about something so be it. there's no need anyone to say NDA stop talking.
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    New G4?

    i think if people have a midrange G4 to high end they would wait for G5. midrange i think is 733 G4. high end would be 800/867/933/1ghz/dual 800. well you guys know what i mean. if you have say a 400-533 then they might upgrade. i have a dual 450 i want to sell and wanna get a dual 800 for...
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    Macs for sell

    I've got a Dual G4/450 30gb 512mb ram ATI Radeon Mac Edition 32mb DDr s video out and DVI out internal zip adaptec 2960 scsi card at least 5 zip disks too. probbaly more like 10-13. would maybe sell in a couple weeks if anyone is interested. email me
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    where to get dual 800 less then $2100 and my dual G4 FS

    There used to be some ad on a web site selling dual G4/800 for under $2000. where is that? i don't think it was used either, but it has less ram and hard drive was smaller. I'm looking to buy in the next couple weeks a dual G4/800 for $2100 or less. used or new. don't need a super drive and...
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    new iMacs anytime soon? :D

    I think the 2 things I want to see in an imac is 17" lcd and one that is the newer design. Brighter, better looking, faster response time and less dead pixel problems. untill then i won't buy an LCD. I love the imac looks, just don't want to worry about dead pixels and also the response time is...
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    Can Apple ever make up for the big mistake?

    fryke- windows does NOT have AA text throughout the system better then OSX. no OS in the world does that i know. OSX flat out kiss ass over any OS in the world when it comes to how good the text looks. So that's funny you say windows looks better with text. i think it's ugly big time compared...
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    Do Apple's CDRW support burn-proof?

    Apple drives are not slow. they are 24x cdr speed.
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    how do i get rid of

    i downloaded tenon and installed it. i deleted it yet when i boot still is loaded at start up and there is no item for it in the start up control panel or anything. so how do i get rid of it totally? it is one pice of crap software.
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    entourage X how do i get preview pane?

    thanks. after i posted i looked a bit and found it. it's a shame it is not on by default, but i found it, thanks :)
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    spinning color wheel - why?

    It's just a HUGE bug/issue in os x. apple is fixing it for 10.2 and you would see it less, but it's still there. what apple must do is totally re write the finder to fix this completely. mostly anyhow i think it's finder issue possibly. so maybe by 10.4 in a year.
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    entourage X how do i get preview pane?

    in Entourage X, aka Office X why do i need to double click on all emails to read them? where did the window go like from OE on pc and mac? it's not there anymore. you used to be able to click the message once and it would show up in the bottem preview pane window and you could read it. like in...
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    MacOS X? Nice but simply too slow ...

    nothing wrong with the mac it's just os x isn't still fast yet in a lot of things. a lot of it still is not even optimized. apple must re write the finder entirely and is working on this. this will be a big big difference and improovement when it happens. it is said they will have a new finder...
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    apple store in seattle

    The computer store is way to far as I'm in Tukwila, plus the prices they have last time i was there was not good. it's just way to far. So hopefully Apple will release one closer to Tukwila which is where I'm at. They should have one in Southcenter and Bellevue I spose.
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    apple store in seattle

    Does anyone have any idea if Apple is going to have an Apple store in Wash State/Seattle or anything? Is there a web page at their site that lists upcomming or has feedback link stuff? They need a store here asap as Wash state has no good apple stores really.
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    G4 DP 1Gig Review (I got one)

    mindbend, for raid and checking read speeds, I'm not sure what a good way is. i have no clue, but if you can see the maximum pc mag for Jan or Feb 2002, it would say what they did. i forget, but i do have the magazine. and i got it cus it's all about speed. for VPC, if you have the 5 trial...