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    In need of good quality LCD monitors

    We have quite good expiriences with the SAMSUNG 940B TFT. Before the whole shebang here turned DELL, those were our monitors of choice. They are adjustable in height etc, and are pleasing for the eye even over longer periods of work. It's been a while since we bought them, as like I mentioned...
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    Leopard ServerAdmin buggy?

    Thanks for the reply, I think I do have an ADC account. So far I have yet to see something different than a blank page when clicking the link... :confused: I'll keep checking it though, and hope to get through soon :) EDIT: Filed a bug for it, looking forward to Apple's response
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    disable the Device Removal Message

    I doubt anyone ever seriously tried to kick it out. As it was said above, the message is there for a reason. I for one have not heard of anyone removing the message in anyway
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    Leopard ServerAdmin buggy?

    I noticed that in the Leopard ServerAdmin, some lists are really buggy. Has anyone else expirienced similar issues? In particular I noticed that the list for the SoftwareUpdateService is really trippy, as you get all kinds of funky results when sorting the list for release date or name. You...
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    Little snitch -should I get it?

    Seriously: LittleSnitch is one of the most single useful software I've seen so far on OS X. They added a lot of interesting new features in v2.x, and it's more reliable than ever. I for one still distrust the 10.5 firewall. I deactivated it, and configured the ipfw that was used in 10.4 using...
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    10.5 First impressions - post yours

    This is a spontanious and possibly far fetch, but: Can you boot one of your other machines with the DVD? Maybe you could link the Powerbook via Target mode to that Mac and try to reset the password on that way. I never reset my password that way, so I don't know if you can chose the...
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    10.5 First impressions - post yours

    Wow, I honestly can say: I have not yet met someone who had that severe problems with installing Leopard... this sucks. :(
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    Provider-free iPhone now available...

    Reading that it will be around 500 Euro (more, but clearly less than 1000 Eur) in France, makes the T-Mobile offer of a free iPhone still look like a total rip off.
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    The new keyboards!

    Then I must've confused that with something else, my bad. :) Wow, that sucks, How old is your keyboard? It's quite a bummer as I planned on getting a new one...
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    The new keyboards!

    Hm, I might be mistaking, but I think the Intel machines do no longer support the Option-key choser. Not sure on that one though
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    10.5 First impressions - post yours

    Further expirience with Leopard and Networking: Got Leopard talking to our LDAP-server at work. It can only use it when the connection is not SSL encrypted, though the Tiger Macs can. Which is kind of a bummer, but better than nothing. On the other hand, Leoapard with an Active Directory is...
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    Apple admits to ‘misleading’ Leopard firewall settings

    I still don't trust the new application firewall. I rather rely on the still present ipw (configured quite solid with Flying Buttress) combined with LittleSnitch.
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    10.5.1 Available

    FINALLY! Leopard is a lot less annoying in terms of Keychain access with 10.5.1. Behaves more like Tiger regarding that matter. However, nothing new regarding the lack of communication with our LDAP server at work, still not able to log on with a net account under Leopard
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    10.5 First impressions - post yours

    Various expiriences with Leopard so far: It behaves very differently in our working environment at University compared to Tiger. LDAP authetification is somewhat broken, it's no longer possible to login via network accounts. Tools like NetInfo Manager are gone, it weird to look in different...
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    10.5 First impressions - post yours

    A lot of people have problems with flashed graphic cards during/after the upgrade to Leopard. I read about a quite easy solution regarding the problem, unfortunately it is ATI specific. But maybe you can achieve something similar with your nVidia card (requires Tiger backup or another Tiger...