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    G4 Powerbook Titanium Hinges set.

    Hi guys, Sadly for me i am having a bad experience with my mac. I don't know if i am posting also at the right location. I just bought new Hinges for G4 Powerbook Titanium it and i was ready to install them when it died on me. It still turns on but there is nothing on screen. the back light is...
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    Broken Hinges (left and right)

    Hi guys, I justed wanted to know where i can buy the hinges for a good price. I have some few places where they want to $200.00 for both. Please advice for places where i can buy them online for a cheaper price or is it best look on ebay. Thanks. to all
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    Wireless Connectivity Problem

    Hi to everyone who is willing to help. I have encounter this problem when connecting wireless to my router. I have a Netgear router and aiport express on my powerbook G4. I have my router security on WEP and my powerbook only HAS WAP so i presume this could be reason it won't connect since it...