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    Powerbook G4/12"/867 noises after upgrade to 10.3.2

    Alright, that is what I thougt at first. Since I could not remember reading this in the detailed update description, I was not sure. Plus, I felt that these popular upgrades would not change such hardware-related settings or else the fan activation was not a high-level issue. Well, if it is...
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    Powerbook G4/12"/867 noises after upgrade to 10.3.2

    Hi there! I've upgraded my system from 10.3.1 to 10.3.2 a few days ago and ever since it seems that my powerbook will trigger active cooling at a lower temperature than before and will likewise stop cooling after a longer period of fan runtime. This produces rapidly more noise in the average...
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    vi displays international characters in hex, not clear text

    I don't think it'll help telling you that what you're seeing is most likely octal and not hex ;) Give "vim" a try! It has far more startup options on i18n and similar issues (plus more documentation). I always found localization a bit hard in MacOSX compared to FreeBSD or Linux, anyways. A...
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    Activating PERL

    Add the following line to your httpd.conf and apache wil run any file with the .cgi extension. AddHandler cgi-script .cgi It is not the safest way to do, but I guess you maintain a single user web server, so who cares? .cgi must not be Perl, it can be nearly any language. So it might...
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    Yeaahh, all of them!! Except for those unpopular ones, like Linux, System V and an irrelevant number of derivats :p Let's see Lance... Rhg is perfectly right about any point he makes. Especially the last one that '/etc/issue' is not implemented in BSD-alikes. Yet - better: therefore - a...
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    Does locally configuring sendmail speed-up my mail transfer?

    To be sure about the firewall. Do 'nslookup', "set type=MX" and querry the mailexchanges for some domain, use, why not. Tcp connect to it on 25 and tcpdump the packages on that interface. If you receive packages from any host port 25, you can be sure that your provider lets you use...
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    Most users online anniversary

    I thought, he might reply, too ;) Anyways, thanks so far.
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    Most users online anniversary

    A year ago, over 190 people were visiting the forum at the same time. Today, exactly a year later, (right now) there are 15 or so. What was going on a year ago? Or else: Are visits generally decreasing? I mean, the community is still growing, but looking at my email edition, new...
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    Fink and XDarwin?

    You may have forgotten to source /sw/bin/init.csh, somewhere. Anyway, you can run it manually, after starting XDarwin.
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    admin has no permission to empty trash

    Why don't you give us an ls -la ~/.Trash/ aswell as your uid and gid. Or simply try to force delete any contents of your Trash: "sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*" If it's a problem of priveledges it mostly can't be too hard, can it?
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    regular expression

    '~' does not exist as an expression (in the sense that it would evaluate to something) in almost any software I know. Also in awk, respectively perl ('=~'), it is only an (relational) operator, e.g. in awk it says "the following must match" or "must not match" (see above, good example, btw)...
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    Warcraft III: improve graphics/speed?

    I bought WC3 along with the new iMac (700Mhz,768Mbyte RAM, GF2MX) and I was so dissapointed, when I first played it. I could barely believe it. Why had Apple equipped that machine with a GeForce 2MX which was doubtlessly junk already by that time? Why didn't I consider that deeply enough not to...
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    Anyone having draw problems with Sim City 4?

    You have problems guys... What should I say? SC4 hasn't even been released across European countries. I checked out the PC version and I liked it. Although, I only created a small town, I realized that graphics might turn out slow on larger scenarios. I own an iMac, 700 Mhz, 768Mb Ram. Is it...
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    Another reason why windows sucks

    Before my iMac and MacOSX, I enjoyed FreeBSD (plus Windowmaker which I yet did not like that much) on a comparably slow i386 machine, thus I had defend that. From such a perspective Windows just seems so awkward, it eventually makes me laugh; especially its users with their spiritual approach on...
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    Another reason why windows sucks

    Anthology?? Please forgive me, it is analogy of course, sorry.