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    OSX10.1 update doesn't recognize my OSX!

    The subject says it all. Had to reinstall from the OSX10.0 disk and then the upgrade worked.
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    Printer does not work in 10.1!

    Saul, If you haven't seen them, there is a folder named optional installs on the 10.1 update CD that has more print drivers to install. I haven't seen what's in there but it takes a good 15 minutes to install so there may be something you're looking for. gronos
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    OSX10.1 update doesn't recognize my OSX!

    I tried, I really did, but nothing would make the OSX10.1 update installer work in my Lombard G3 400MHtz. I have OSX10.04 installed and followed the instructions: 1) Tried installing by clicking on the Installer from the CD. It wouldn't open (opened for a second as shown by an icon in the...
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    Mounted volume .vol on Desktop?

    I just installed OS9.2 on my OSX box and within a day or so a mounted volume labeled ".vol" appeared on my OSX desktop. It shows up a minute or two after bootup. It's creation date is Jan. 1, 1904 but it's modification date is the day of booting. Inside the volume is a single folder named...
  5. G customization & Tangerine Theme.

    I used to have 4.0.2 but "upgraded" because it seemed that having shared libraries in 4.1.0 was considered better than static libraries in 4.0.2. Does it make much of a difference in speed or stability? I have GIMP running in 4.1 just fine but it would be nice to be rootless. Rich G...
  6. G customization & Tangerine Theme.

    How did you get GIMP running in single window mode on OSX? I have Xfree86 4.1, but it only runs in full screen mode. You seem to have XDarwin running, but the only version I have only works in full screen mode. Are you running VNC? Just curious. Richard M. Gronostajski Assoc. Staff...
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    Fink and GIMP in MacOSX

    thanks gigi, You're probably right. I guess I could look at both versions and see what the modifications were to get ICEWM to work under Darwin, but I think I'll wait for someone more qualified to do it. Rich
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    Rootless X Free on MacOSX

    I agree with the previous posting. I've got the GIMP, and molecular modeling program molmol, and other applications running only because someone bothered to port them to OSX via the X11 route. User interfaces and pretty window dressing are less important to scientists who want to use specific...
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    Fink and GIMP in MacOSX

    I managed to get Fink 0.1.8 up and going and got the GIMP running on FreeX86 with the ICEWM. Now I want to update ICEWM but when I try to configure it, I get an error that it can't find gettext. Gettext is present in sw/bin where it was put by Fink. Is there a way I can direct the ICEWM...
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    keyboard mapping in Xfree86?

    What I did was run a .xinitrc file that runs setxkbmap (and runs the icewm that I installed) that is shown below. Then I restarted X and everything worked again. #!/bin/sh # $XConsortium: xinitrc.cpp,v 1.4 91/08/22 11:41:34 rws Exp $ userresources=$HOME/.Xresources...
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    keyboard mapping in Xfree86?

    After scanning a number of man pages I tried putting a default xkbmap command into my .xinitrc file. This worked and now X-windows works with the icewm, a reasonable window manager for X. Rich G
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    keyboard mapping in Xfree86?

    I got XFree86 running as an X-windows server and client on OSX and everything was great....and THEN I decided to try to get the option and apple keys working using Xmodmap to modify my keyboard mapping. Now, even though I also got the Icewm working on XFree86, I get no response when I type into...
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    Want to know if your printer will work with OS X 10.0?

    Not to mention my Stylus Scan 2500 combined scanner/printer!
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    Orinoco Airport card doesn't work

    Somewhere on the Web there is info on replacing an Apple Airport silver card with a gold card to allow enabling of 128 bit encryption. I don't recall where it is, and it voids the warrenty on the Airport, but it is possible to do. Rich G.
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    Orinoco Airport card doesn't work

    Is it possible that you're using 128 bit encryption on your card or your wireless network at work? The Orinoco silver card and Apple Airports only support 40 bit encryption I believe. The Gold card supports 128bit encryption. We use Airports with encryption turned on and haven't had a problem...