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    Corrupted Flashdrive

    Ok, this is seriously killing me. Please help me.
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    Corrupted Flashdrive

    I have a SanDisk cruzer mini 256MB flash drive. The data in it is corrupted. Now, I tried to re-format the drive in Window$ and... well... It did not work(I wasn't surprised). Now is there something I can do in Mac to fix my beloved flashdrive and keep all the data in it? I had a 15 chapter...
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    Warcraft 3 and MacBook Pro

    My friend had a problem with his Mac Book Pro, It kept crashing when he was using lots of processing speed, Like movie editing and such. I think it is a cooling isshue, Don't take my word for it though;)
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    Personal Finance Recommendations?

    I have never had a problem wiht Quicken on my mac.
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    Net neutrality

    I bet some of you have heard of this... I have started a petition against the Government screwing with the internet here it is Please read this and sign if you agree. And spred the word!
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    Enemy Territory: Stand-Alone or requires original CD?

    I just downloaded it and played with out a problem. I really dont knwo how to help you except that you can try re-downloading it.
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    Just many questions

    he does have a point.
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    Just many questions

    That indivduial was not very samrt to install Front Row on that mac. wow.
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    Half life 2 and bootcamp

    I dont know. I am going to wait till it is finished, beta's suck most of the time.
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    BattleFront II? Halo 2?

    haha. i would NEVER do that to my mac.
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    Windows on a MAC.... FROM APPLE!!!

    Hey! Look! Hell froze over!
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    BattleFront II? Halo 2?

    Yeah, Halo1 had a far better feeling then 2
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    Macbook pros and cons

    I got to play wiht one. It wipes the floor with my 1.8 GHz imac G5