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    Pinning the dock

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    iTunes organizing/playlists

    Actually, when you rip a cd in itunes, it automatically adds the track numbers in the ID3 tag, so the songs stay in order. If you don't want the track number showing up in the name, just right click on a song in itunes and select get info, then click on the Tag tab. Add the song number into...
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    Pinning the dock

    Yes I tried putting TinkerTool 2 in /Library/PreferencePanes but it only showed up under root and not as my user. I tried chmod on it, but that didn't work either. Also, there are no longer settings in the .plist file in to get the menu choice for pinning the dock. Only ways I have...
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    Pinning the dock

    tinkertool 1.52 doesn't have everything working in 10.1 and I couldn't get 2.0 to work as a preference pane. So an alternative to go to the dock and typing in the command which I can't even remember and never did work for me is what I posted above. But you are correct, Tinkertool does do...
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    Pinning the dock

    For those who like to pin the dock, it's real easy to do if you have the developer tools installed. Go to the preferences folder in the library folder that resides in your home directory. Double click on If the developer tools are installed, this will open in the...
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    Optical Mouse

    I don't understand this. My Optical mouse worked fine for a good four all of a sudden, it stops working and I have to unplug it and plug it back. I can't stand this anymore.
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    What does OS X look for to detect a Classic system?

    When I click on Classic in the system prefs, I get every partition highlighted that has a classic system folder. The only thing I can think of is to make sure all your classic system folders are on the beginning partitions of your hard drive. Like if you have three partitions and 2 are...
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    What does OS X look for to detect a Classic system?

    Go to system preferences. Click on Classic. Select which OS 9 partition you want to use as Classic.
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    Is the internet going slower?

    I have a cable modem and I've seen my download speeds increase two-fold. I'm constantly seeing download speeds about 100K, where on 9 I was getting around 45K.
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    Optical Mouse

    Well I've yet to try my logitech mouse since installing X on another hard drive. It works great under 9, but under X, if I leave it idle for a few minutes, it stops working. I have to unplug it and plug it back. In fact I just plugged it in and it works, but for how long? I really don't want...
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    Optical Mouse

    I don't know if it's something in the kernel that needs to be added, since it doesn't work on both linux and now OS X. It will work fine for a few minutes now, but then it will go dead, and I'll have to unplug and plug it back in. So I've switched back to the hockey puck. And my previous...
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    Finder displaying available memory...

    Has anyone else noticed that the finder does not display the correct memory available, or that the memory available would change with a restart? I never noticed this until I logged in as root and the memory dropped by about 100megs. Well, then I decided to try the shutdown now command and...
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    Can someone post some Fire screenshots?

    Figured out the answer to my own post. [Edited by jguidroz on 10-01-2000 at 05:08 PM]
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    dev tools in os x?

    In the middle of October, ADC online members(which is free) will be able to download the developer tools.
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    OS X on Intel! Sign petition!

    Apple won't port X to Intel because they would have to support to many damn drivers because not every PC has the same motherboard, video card, etc., etc. It would make X slow and unstable, ala Winblows.