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    AppleWorks 6.2.1 & OS X 10.1

    There are tons of problems with AppleWorks 6.2.1 and 10.1.... for example, just try changing the size of your sheet to US Legal... why would you have to do that, you ask, if it's already that? Well, open a saved document and if you go to layout options you will notice that it says it's an A4...
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    Apple A/UX (Apple's old Unix Software)

    Was there any software for A/UX? I've always been curious about this OS (thanks RacerX for the screenshot!) and would love to load it up on an old system... but what could I do with it (since I'm not really good with unix geekiness)?
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    Got iPod

    It is expensive but consider that it's both an mp3 player using an insanely small firewire hd that you can (if you chose to) use for other things... such as perhaps putting OS X on and booting up on another computer using your copy of X? Very interesting to me!
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    Do I really need Office X ???? Apple Works okay???

    I've found AppleWorks 6.2.1 to have *many* hideous bugs that prevent it from being useable for me in X. :( And that's too bad because I *need* AppleWorks to work and I like it! Come on, Apple!! *grrr* (Oh, and if you want to know what the bugs are... there's a forum in here where I posted...
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    OS X 10.1 and webcam?

    I don't have one but decided to look it up :) Seems pretty good to me!
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    Refugee from Macnn

    I'm a sorta-refugee. I found this place a few weeks before the macnn forums went down. I like this place so I registered, and have posted only a few times here but visit daily. It's a nice place. Not as good as Macnn (but then again, nothing is) but it is better than any of the other forums...
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    OS 10.1 and DAVE and SMB!

    Dude! Leamington, Ontario? Man, I have relatives up there! It's almost like a second home in some ways! :)
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    10.1 not for gaming

    There's an amazing port of Quake for OS X. Just look for it at Runs so bloody well! There's an option to make the game 32... so smooth for such and old classic! :)
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    10.1 not for gaming

    Haven't done much testing with games in 10.1 because for some reason the latest update to Quake III doesn't want to run (not that I'm huge on QIII; more of an original Quake cat.. heh heh). It seems that most games that are X-native run a bit slower than their classic counterparts. But there's...
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    How come AppleWorks has become useless in 10.1?

    I updated to 6.2.1 thinking, all right, it'll be good just as always.... How wrong I was. I *like* AppleWorks. I used to use it all the time for schoolwork. And since my mom's a teacher and my sis is still in school I thought I'd see how it worked in 10.1 so that they could do their work in...
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    Word X Beta a waste of time

    Why not just save your file, open it in AppleWorks and then print from there?
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    Riddle me this... Shrinkwrap and OSX

    Agreed upon... I've been racking my brains over this to no avail :( Are ShrinkWrap .img's burnable in X?
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    OpenGL problems in 10.1

    All right... here's the problem. I downloaded the demo of Alice to try out and when I played it the right side of the screen and the left side of the screen were (how to put this) dragged sideways and downwards? It has to be some glitch in OpenGL.. it's like it becomes watery and pulled to...
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    DVD player features in OS 10.1

    The DVD player is amazing. Silly as it is, I always wanted to be able to watch DVD's while chatting on ICQ and it worked perfectly on my G4/400. Even typing in ICQ didn't slow down (which impressed me because in 10.0.4 it would always be s-l-o-w). :) Apple did a kick-ass job on DVD 3.0...
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    So who the hell uses Magnification, anyways?

    I love magnification. I personally think it's great for scrolling through whatever's in the dock. :)