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    Is the iPad a good PDF/eBook Reader?

    As for following up, I have tried the latest Nook and Kindle (eInk); neither is good, in my opinion, for PDFs. Reflowing simply does not preserve any semblance of the original PDF layout and while magnification works, moving around a page once magnified is cumbersome at best. At best. Actually...
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    Is the iPad a good PDF/eBook Reader?

    Thanks for the follow up. Still searching and waiting to see what, if anything, Amazon has in the wings for this fall. Love e-ink but i really don't want yet another device.
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    Is the iPad a good PDF/eBook Reader?

    chemistry geek, Please report back in a month with your experience, if you don't mind. I am also searching for a reader and similarly have to tear through a large number of scientific PDFs. I had an ereader (Sony) for a while, and just did not like the way it handled PDFs (although ebooks looked...
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    Rescue deleted data (USB/Mac)

    And to answer your other specific question, if the files still exists, it will be on the USB drive. If you have used that drive in the intervening months, your chances of recovering any data approach zero.
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    Why we are paying the Apple TV?

    So your beef is really with gift cards in general and not Apple or the aTV, right? And why in your examples do you stop short of buying all the apps you "can" at a given price point? You could have bought 2 more apps at the .99 point and reduced Apple's scheming profit to 50cent. Seems a very...
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    Arabic Chrome?

    You honestly find Arabic letters offensive?
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    2GB bandwidth limit on AT&T

    I use mine daily and fairly extensively. I pay no attention as to whether I'm tapping wireless or cellular. I've exceed 200mb 3 of the past 12 months, never over 1Gb. I'm holding on to my unlimited plan although I have no idea why?
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    ibook boot issues

    Trying pushing firmly on the left wrist area approximately one inch below the keys and one inch left of the trackpad. Keep applying pressure and see how far you get in the boot process. If successful, consider a c-clamp to the area long enough to retrieve your data. I am not making this up--it...
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    All for one and one for all

    Refurb from Apple is a no-brainer. They come with full warranty and are fully eligible for AppleCare. There is no downside except refurb arrives in industrial brown versus high gloss white exterior packaging. That's it. Seriously.
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    How can I run both mac os x

    You can't. You can go the other way, run Windows on a Mac, but you can't legally (or even technically in 99% of cases) run OSX on a PC.
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    Can I replace my Apple TV HDD wih a bigger one?

    Has anyone had any luck with board advertiser ATVFlash? It claims to make harddrive expansion a simple process via USB.
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    Dear Apple

    The dock is scalable, regardless of the number of icons. I bet that's not your point, but thought I would mention it anyway.
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    Cleo, you can install a plug-in for older versions of iPhoto that will enable you to post to Facebook from within iPhoto. Check out the link...
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    Install OSX prohibited symbol...

    If I understand correctly, you already have Tiger installed. You cannot install a lesser (older) OS than is what is currently on the machine. If you are committed to 10.2 or 10.3, you will need to start-up from the desired install disc but instead of installing, choose disc utility then erase...
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    resolution reduced when attached to an email

    there is a drop down menu, bottom right hand corner of the email message that let's you select file size/resolution.